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Walking in the space

July 24th, 2015 No comments

Student Me walks in the space.
Teacher Me walks in the space.
Teacher Me invites others into a state of pretending.

Teacher Me is blamed for others’ choices to feel.
Student Me is invisible.
Student Me apologizes for suffering created by others.

Teacher Me feels sad walking back into the space.
Student Me seeks compassion in dark places.
Teacher Me allows Student Me to get lost.

Student Me walks in the space.
Teacher Me observes the walk.
Student Me becomes the space.

Happy New Year 2014

January 3rd, 2014 No comments

This year I will do more morning yoga.

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Starting Block Readings, April 22

April 5th, 2013 No comments

For ten weeks in 2012, I met with a group of emerging playwrights and professional dramaturg/playwright David Geary in the small library at Playwrights Theatre Centre where we were called Block A. It was such a fruitful and nurturing time for my writing practice. In a few weeks, we each will have excerpts from our works-in-progress from our Block A sessions. I’m very excited to read the work of my peers and make no apologies for being completely green with nerves for having my writing read in public. Despite that, it’s likely to make for a fun evening.

Presented by Creative Dominion Theatre Society and PTC, the readings will take place shortly after a delightful Annual General Meeting for Creative Dominion.

Monday, April 22, 2013  19:00

Carousel Theatre (next to Granville Island Brewery on Granville Island)

Admission by donation with cash bar and light snacks.

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Volunteering with Artist for Conservation Festival

September 22nd, 2012 No comments

As an artist and nature lover, few volunteer opportunities ignite my passions as much as the upcoming 2nd Annual Artist For Conservation Festival!

From October 13 – 21, 2012 the festival will feature lectures, demonstrations, performances and the World’s Finest Conservation-Themed Art Exhibit on Grouse Mountain .  It is an Artist For Conservation initiative designed to inspire, engage and connect artists with all who are passionate about conservation and exquisite art!

It is a rare opportunity for locals to meet internationally acclaimed artists such as Robert Bateman, Pollyanna Pickering and Guy Combes at this touring exhibit of conservation-themed art from across the globe.  Originals and limited edition prints of the 500 juried pieces in the exhibit will be for sale. And while there is a black tie gala on October 12th, even a student artist like me can access the festival with a Grouse Mountain Skyride Admisson and a willingness to be inspired!

There is a Meet-Up group and a Facebook page to connect with others and receive news on events before the festival.

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Singing German in a Big Stone Church

August 16th, 2012 2 comments

In little over 10 weeks, I will have sung (however amateur) a most magnificent and intensely challenging choral work called Ein deutsches Requiem, nach Worten der Heiligen Schrift – A German Requiem, to the Words of the Holy Scripture.

Johannes Brahms wrote this huge work of seven movements in 1868 and on August 25, 2012, the Summer Chor, directed by Alison Nixon, will present Brahms’ masterpiece in a big stone church in downtown Vancouver.  Even if you don’t believe in God, or you don’t think you like classical music, I really do think that there is something special in this event that almost anyone can enjoy.  Imagine producing an expression of your thoughts and feelings in a manner that resonates with so many, it gets reproduced 144 years after its creation.

SummerChor 2012 Concert Poster

Contrary to the words we sing, it does not feel like we’re singing about or to God in the same way when we sing hymns in English.  Once I actually mark my music with translations, this may change.  But really what I mean to say is this sacred music is in a class of its own.  Despite the language barrier, the music, sung in all four choral parts with piano and organ, offer up a journey of the human spirit through valleys and sunsets.

We started rehearsals in June, and for the first rehearsal I listened; barely singing a note due to an overwhelming sense of incompetence.  There is so much to coordinate: pitch, placement of vowels, making sense of German, rhythm, breathe support, dynamics (is it soft, quick, loud, lyrical etc.?), looking at the conductor and the music.  And then there is the fact that one singing does not really hear how one truly sounds. If you have ever recorded your voice, played it back and heared a voice slightly different from what you hear when you speak, you will know this to be true for singing as well.  It is the only musical instrument of its kind with the complication of human anatomy for producing and perceiving sound.

As we start rehearsals with the Dunbar Heights United Church Choir in September, more reflections to come on the process of learning to sing classical music.  Until then, come listen to Summer Chor at:

St. Andrew-Wesley Church, Burrard & Nelson                   Saturday, August 25, 2012, 7pm

Tickets at the door $15 (or $10 in advance until Aug. 22 from a choir member)

Cycle tour in Pondicherry

February 23rd, 2012 No comments

I met many great people along the tour through South India, more of whom I’ll write when the Mumbai to Manila: Cycle Our Light project gets a new online home. Here, our friend and fellow Vancouver choir member, Mark Jacobs, tells the story about our meeting in Pondicherry with a cycling and sustainability pioneer, Bappu.

Where I’ve been lately

December 16th, 2011 No comments

Among the top on my list of great accomplishments is getting to Ooty, Tamil Nadu via the Kallati Road on an ebike.  I was happy to make it to Mysore, over a 100km away, so getting to Ooty was a thrill!  More about my adventures on the Stromer ebike at and the facebooke group “humanergycoop – cycle our light”.

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cycling tour in India

November 16th, 2011 1 comment

I’m in Mumbai with a Stromer bicycle. It seemed like a good idea from Vancouver, and maybe it still is for somewhere in the future, but right now I feel tired. I left Vancouver in a hurry to make it to the Canada India Business Forum and the Gateway India dinner for Premier Christy Clark’s delegation on November 12th. As a result of beginning this journey only 4 weeks after conceiving it, the limited incubation time has left a big load of learning on the go; hence the mental and emotional fatigue.

I may write something about this experience that some people may not want to hear. I am a beginner at tour cycling and it’s my first time using a lot of the gear for communicating in blogs, photos and videos. There is a whole crew of people working with me from Canada and right here in Mumbai who you will get to know over the conversations that follow on

We have created a facebook group too called HumanergyCoop. Open to the public to join, so please do. I post things there that won’t necessarily end up in the blog posts.

After the IIFA bid event at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai, India

The Stromer Bike I'm riding

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One SatURday

September 11th, 2011 No comments

6:30 am rise –  I force myself out of bed to make my commitment to volunteer with Klipper’s Organics at the West End Farmer’s Market.  Conveniently, it’s just around the corner from my apartment building.

7:03am – I decide to take some videos of our morning volunteers unloading the trailer full of freshly picked organic delights.

8:05am – Bagging sweet basil and coronation grapes.  On this day, the display of summer harvest was exceptionally beautiful.

9:08am – Shortly after the market’s opening bell rings, I join three women who begin a set of taoist tai chi.  I haven’t practiced since June and that was a great reminder of why I should pick it up again.

11:45am – I board the seabus to North Vancouver and have lunch with my lovely parents.

4:09pm – A neighbour from down the hall visits, tells me that I’ve got anger trapped inside and helps me put up a large heavy mirror.

6:28pm – I arrive at Kitsilano Beach to meet with fellow Siddhartha cast members for sunset yoga.  It was a failed fundraiser but a success for making yoga happen.

7:55pm – As we sit in our long pigeon poses, we say goodbye to the sun that is setting a splash of gorgeous coral across the sky.

8:17pm – I meet my friend Claes of on granville island.  We discuss the Uplight series concept and next steps to continue.  He tells me about Wreckage….a play under the wharf!

8:43pm- Claes leaves and I eat my packed dinner: eggplant pesto potato soup, a padrone pepper stuffed with feta and tamarind sauce, and sweet melt-in-my-mouth portuguese bread (the likes of which I’ve had only in Kitimat).

9:00pm – I take a seat to watch Wreckage, a bring-your-own-venue with the Fringe Festival.

9:20pm – I’m totally impressed that someone is under the cold, dark water with a flashlight all for a theatrical experience that lives only for that moment.

9:55pm – Sipping a chai latte at the Agro Cafe, open late to serve the Vancouver Fringe Bar.  There I meet a trio of burlesque performers in the small washroom where their costumes seem twice as colourful and dramatic.

10:30pm – I go see Jacques Lalonde’s anniversary show celebrating 25 years of fringe-ing.

11:50pm – Cycle across the scenic route over the Burrard bridge towards home.

11:57pm – From a car full of asian youth, a hostile yell is flung, “You fucking whore,” as it passes me on the hill after Burrard bridge.  They get a stop light.  I pull up next to them.  They don’t see me.  It feels sad.

12:00am- A new day begins.  I’m on my bicycle, just about home.

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Ten years ago Today

September 11th, 2011 No comments

Ten years ago today I awoke from a restful siesta in a small village along the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  An urgent plea to communicate came from the owner of the refugio, which after several failed attempts using translation, I was led to his living room where I watched in shock, the World Trade Centre, the city of New York and the whole world, absorb terror.

Today, I wake with gratitude for the light and joy in life that miraculously continues, despite its option not to.  May we persevere in our efforts to cultivate compassion and harmony; first within ourselves and then, with all others.

Today, my life is so different from ten years ago when I was in the midst of writing a thesis and beginning an uncertain career.  And for my journey to what I call home today, I am grateful.

Grateful that I get to play and rehearse with extraordinary people for Siddhartha: The Journey Home.

Following that, I will have the privilege of meeting with two fine actors in preparation to work with pharmacists from around the lower mainland to deepen their understanding of what it means to develop therapeutic relationships with patients.

Life is so full of richness and mystery, I can understand why so many people experience insomnia.  OM.

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