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Whatever happened to apples?

December 13th, 2006 No comments

I took a week of substitute work teaching English to children at an English language school in Gangshan. It’s a small town just north of Kaohsiung, where I’m staying. There is one student, who is both annoying and adorable. Jack (as I’ll call him here) is known to bring something to school that he’ll play with during the 20 minute break. Today, it was a book of insects. He was frustrating me today because he was constantly disturbing the student next to him, or day dreaming and slowing down the pace at which I needed to instruct the class. I was also getting tired of saying, “Jack, get off the table. Jack, sit in your chair. Jack, please stop talking and listen.” I am convinced that he has an attention deficit, and I, had a deficit of patience, today.

When break time came around, I felt so relieved. I could rest my voice and play christmas carols and clear my head for the 2nd round. While I sat at my desk, Jack invited himself over to keep me company and pulled a chair next to me, while the other children ate their snacks.

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