Yucky #2

December 13th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Cockroach pages were Yuck #1. And then, after a long day of teaching with a weak and tired voice I ride the train back to Kaohsiung which gets me to my scooter parked at the station by 10:45pm. I can’t read Chinese so of course I don’t know if I’m on the slow train or the express train. But while I sat on the train waiting for it to leave, out the window I watch another train pull-up, one person in my coach jump out and hop on to the one that just arrived across the platform, and then it shoots off in the direction I need to be going. So, I figured out that I was on the slow train. And not only that, but one that smelled like urine.

And then silly thing #3 is not a “Yuck!”, but a “Crap!” I get back to my scooter to find that I’ve lost my key. So I hop in a taxi to go home and I’ll have to return tomorrow with the help of a friend to retrieve my scooter.

At least I can lay my head down tonight knowing that I’ve got people in this world who will help me out when in a jam, and some who cares enough to give me cockroaches.

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