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*Merry Christmas*

December 25th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

A quiet one this year. My friend Andrew and I cooked a non-traditional dinner with food we bought at the local supermarket. I made a spicy guava salad with orange bits, garlic, chili, soy and green beans, drizzled with lime juice and a touch of sugar…not bad for an experiment. And we had pre-marinated chicken and beef, and stir-fried veggies.

I must admit, this year was a very welcome break from the pressure of having to live up to the traditions of shopping and buying something for the family that seems to grow every year. I let myself off the hook from buying and sending presents to everyone with the excuse that I’m travelling and reserving funds for a place to live and some reliable wheels for transport; basic survival things. And I guess, that is my gift to all…I release any obligation that you may have felt to buy me something for Christmas. Save it for a rainy day when you’d like a chat with a dear one far away, then you’ll find that you have a pinch of change to afford a long distance call. Or what money you would have spent on a gift for me, go buy the book, “Ask and It is Given” and read it…then you’ll be gifting you and me and all the world at the same time.

I think wrapping gifts and opening gifts and watching people open the gifts you’ve given can be such a lovely part of the holidays, but over the past few years, I’ve not been so attracted to it. Maybe it’s because I’m in that in-between stage of not being a child and not being a “grown up” with husband and babies. I should be spending it at an orphanage with children, but I’ve been so focused on finding a place to live and work that I didn’t get to the point of finding the local one. For so many years, I’ve wanted to spend Christmas with children who are in want of company and nurturing. I’ll try not to wait until next year.

Two more sleeps and I must move on to a different place to stay. I will likely move into a friendship house that is run by a Canadian woman from Saskatoon who provides housing to foreigners in Kaohsiung.

Ya, I do feel a bit homesick, but not for Canada specifically or the arrangement of my life when I left.  I miss having a constant.  Whether a person or a place of work, or a bed.  God, my relationship to Creative Energy, is the only constant; NOW.  I am home in this moment, NOW.  I send you love, NOW.

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