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A good shake

December 26th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

We had an earthquake in Taiwan this evening! I don’t know the reading on the scale, but the epicentre was about 4hrs south from Kaohsiung and there were two pretty strong tremors that lasted for a minute or two each. It was the strongest earthquake I’ve experienced and was a bit concerning, but mostly really neato! I was at the school and had just finished teaching and was getting ready to leave. I’m glad it happened while I was still at the school and not while I was riding home. It was comforting to have been with locals and children.
Although, when I returned to the building where I’m sleeping tonight (last night with the 3 cats) I saw that the residents had all been evacuated. By the time I parked my scooter, all were good to re-enter. A few candle sticks had tipped off the shelf in the apartment but I didn’t notice any other disturbances; surprising for the 12th floor. I was a bit concerned that maybe the third round of tremors would be coming later tonight and it would be bigger and I’d have to run downstairs from the 12th floor. Ugh, what a pain that would be! There was a really big earthquake island-wide 8 years ago which brought down many buildings. Well, no use in worrying about it because I have no way of being warned except a call from a friend on my cellphone. I don’t have a radio or a tv in this apartment. I guess I could check the news on the internet but what good is that if I don’t read Chinese!

Feeling sleepy now.

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