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Wedding Party crasher

December 30th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today I went to the wedding reception of a couple I’ve never met before and probably will never meet again.  At 5:30pm today I was passing the time of my laundry’s wash cycle walking with my cup of bubble milk tea and I get a call from Anita, “What are you doing? You want to go to a wedding?”  I was reluctant and because I didn’t feel up to an evening of watching people I didn’t know, talk in a language I can’t understand, I said no.  Weddings are bad enough in English.  I say, “I think I’ll just go downtown and do some shopping.”  Anita quickly offers, “Oh, ya well I’ll give you a ride down because the wedding is downtown.  We’ll go down together and I’ll meet you for a drink after and we’ll come back home together.”

“Um, okay.”  I was a bit curious about what a Taiwan wedding reception would be like, but I didn’t have the energy that it requires to decode the language of facial expressions and nuances and tones and bodies, so I agreed to take the ride down but resolved to go shopping.  Anita picks me up and as soon as the car door closes she says, “Ya, I think you should just come with me to the wedding,” in a tone that let me know that I wasn’t getting a ride anywhere but the wedding party.  So we go and it turned out to be a fun time.

In Taiwan weddings, the bride gets to wear 3 dresses!  One for the ceremony, one for seeing guests in during the reception and the 3rd for saying goodbye to the guests.  I didn’t see the ceremony because it was just a reception party for the Taiwan side of the couple.  The groom was from New Zealand.

What was really surprising was that after the guests left our table, Anita started packing up the left over food from the platters.  I’m talking soup and lamb chops and desserts.  The hotel staff was helping her pack it too.  I got to take home half a bottle of very nice red wine and some tropical fruit that I don’t even know the name of and yummy seafood soup.  Not at all frowned upon.  Reasonable logic, really…it’s been paid for so, take it home.

After going through 12 courses we did some shopping at the Night Market and then went off to the Pig & Whistle pub where we met up with a couple that is staying in the same temporary housing as I.   We danced and danced and danced.

Then!  I got a skype ring from my buddies John, Alia, Finn, Joseph and Jim!  Yay! And suddenly, what seemed to be a difficult decision, suddenly became clear and even exciting.  I’m going home.  As early as mid-January, no later than March.

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