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Big Green Challenge 2010 – Vegetarian Adventures

I had a dream this morning that I was killed like livestock. When I opened my eyes, my conscience said, “You are going vegetarian!”

A compelling feeling that I will eliminate meat from my daily intake first emerged when I sat down in a Vegan eatery called Loving Hut on Broadway near Cambie. I tasted the Ocean Love pizza, my first slice of vegan pizza! While I chewed the delicious pesto on crispy crust with melted cassava cheese, I looked at the wall of pictures featuring famous vegetarians and felt a compelling urge to join them. I thought, if people like Ghandi, Einstein and Edison considered it important to keep meat off their plates, there must be many good reasons to do so. I had been thinking of making this change for quite some time and have previously been on a plant-based diet 15 years ago. The most difficult times that I can remember was confronting the social gatherings with family and friends. Fortunately, I now associate with more vegetarians and people who appreciate my choice to eat plants.

The affirming wave of conviction to go veggie washed over me while reading the first 30 pages of Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet. I am so inspired by her writing and excited to try all the recipes.
To kick start this exciting change, I’ve decided to write about my Vegetarian Adventures. Yes, I know…I’ve attempted something like this before when I set out to blog about learning how to swim last year. But here goes another try anyway, to try something new and write about my experiences and discoveries. I will set out to have my meat and dairy intake levels at zero for the next 30 days. God help me! I love ice cream and my mother’s cooking, which almost always involves pork, chicken or shrimp.

I realize this will take a great deal of effort and commitment ( two things I have demonstrated poorly as a blogger), but I am optimistic about overcoming these shortcomings along with the inevitable cravings for meat and diary because, the more I learn about their effects on the Earth and their connection to disease, the temporary pleasure at the plate quickly loses its appeal.

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