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What a terrific piece of work.  I hope Peter O’Toole does win Best Actor for his performance in it.

We barely heard about this gem until the nominations came out and despite that, on a Thursday night (mind you it’s Victoria the city that always sleeps) I was the only one who had shown up to see it and it was already 10 minutes before showtime.  The attendant told me that if another person does show up, maybe they’ll show it but if it’s just me, they could give me a voucher for two free tickets to another movie.  But I wanted to see Venus! 

Oh no!   That didn’t please me at all so I visualized someone rushing, on their way to catch this under-publicized flick.  I put into practice the mindful practice taught in the book “Ask and It is Given”; really, it’s changing the way I live.  Get it! Read it!  I think my wishful thinking manifested this random soul to walk in just as they were going to send me home with a voucher.    As I was imagining, I figured, what the heck, might as well be male.  So, it only took about 5 minutes for the Universe to respond but I wasn’t specific enough though.  He wasn’t so attractive and very poorly dressed with torn layers of cotton sweat pants or something resembling that.  But hey, what do I know?  Could’ve been Jesus reincarnated. 

Nevertheless, it was a great movie.  I also caught a glimpse of a promising story to come to Vic Theatre called “God Grew Tired of Us” .  So even though I went alone and the guy of my dreams didn’t walk through the door, I’m so glad that I went.  Victoria, seriously… WAKE-UP!  And support the Arts!

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