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“In the Mood for Love”

A movie by Wong Kar Wai.  Just watched it tonight.  Sexy.  Sensual.  Gorgeous two lead actors, appearances and performances, and beautiful music with powerful use of simple images.  And the story of how feelings develop unexpectedly where we don’t want them comes in like a soft hum that doesn’t seem to have a beginning, but just simply appears.  A free rental at your local BC library.

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  1. March 29th, 2007 at 21:48 | #1

    “…a soft hum that doesn’t seem to have a beginning…”

    Hmm, interesting. Now that you mention that, the film does have quite a lot to do with the concept of time. For one thing, you can’t be in a hurry watching this flick. More importantly, the ideas of growing together, dealing with separation and loss, urgency in the face of aging, and the ability to choose how best to spend a temporary life are all profoundly addressed. The tension and tradgey come from how the two characters seem to spend forever balancing on the knife edge of what love could/should be.

    Is this film as unique as it seems?

    In any case, time is clearly an important theme in the sequal, 2046.

    When do we get to read your review of Zardoz?

  2. March 30th, 2007 at 00:02 | #2

    Zardoz, by the name alone, I can tell is a film I must watch with another person if I’m actually to get past the opening introductory sequence. Perhaps on a day when I feel that I need a boost of confidence, as I’m the gesture of its lending was intended to be. I have 2046 on hold from the Victoria public library and I’m #16 on the waitlist.

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