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Colliding Passions art event

This evening I attended an eclectic arts event called Colliding Passions at the Little Mountain Gallery off Main Street on East 26th Ave. in Vancouver.  Twenty dollars got me a seat for a playful clowning act, stand-up comedy, live music, photography on the walls, a book chapter reading and a sexy hot monologue involving home-cooked curry and cunnilingus.  And included between the sets of these acts, the delicious culinary artistry by Michelle Fattore delighted palettes of the 80 guests.  It was a dry event, with iced tea and a “mystery punch” at the bar; the sweetness of both were just right.  For twenty bucks, it was an excellent deal and it was refreshing to be at an art event with everyone sober.

One of the evenings’ charms was the voice of Haley K Turner.  Her songs about daydreaming, letting go and speaking kindly of others were delivered with a playful innocence that makes Haley so enjoyable to watch, even while she thoughtfully tunes her guitar.  I look forward to seeing and hearing more of Haley K Turner and the experience of ‘Colliding Passions’ has inspired me to want to produce arts events so that more people can enjoy the great artists that I’ve come to appreciate.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back to find out about my next production project.

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