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Whale Shark Swim

Each year between June and September, the mighty Whale sharks migrate to the coast of Mexico near Isla Mujeres (north of Cancun), and this June I will venture out into open water to swim with them.  This grand aspiration began in February 2009 when I went on a spiritual journey guided by the wonderful Shaman Healer, Angela Prider, of the Heart Quest Healing Collective in East Vancouver.  With rhythmic drumming and her powerful intuition, she helped to connect me with my Power Animal, a Whale shark.  It was the first I had heard the name and her first bringing one up.  Since then, I have had a thirst to learn as much as I can about Whale sharks.  They are beautiful and mighty, gentle and elusive.  They have no natural predators and they also do not prey on other fish.  It is truly amazing that the largest fish in the ocean lives solely off plankton.  Sadly, humans have evolved to killing them to a state of vulnerability to endangerment; we are their only predator and also their greatest hope to replenishing their population by stopping the harmful fishing and finning practices that are devastating their numbers.

Over the next two months, I’ll be brushing up on my Spanish and swimming in preparation for the trip. I am not a confident swimmer in the pool so I think I’ll need to take lessons to prepare for the open water. Accompanying me will be Kayli, a fellow performing artist from Kuala Lumpur and Viola, an architect from London, England. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back to hear more about how the preparation and the trip unfolds. TA!

  1. April 21st, 2011 at 07:47 | #1

    I’ve seen one! I wish my vocabulary was extensive enough to describe how astounding they are.


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