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Contemplating Ability

Mastery is the result of choice; committed consistent action.  To attend to the same activity or manner of being, everyday, is an ability.  Therefore, I can say I know the experience of disability very well.  I like to think that I could write content worth your time to read, everyday.  And as much as I enjoy writing it still remains the most difficult goal I have set for myself to maintain a daily writing practice.

Now before I was able to type, I had to believe that I was capable of learning; enough to try and keep trying until I created a momentum of confidence around my ability to type.  So maybe my problem is not ability, but lack of belief.

So if we start with a wish, a feeling, a compelling desire to be proficient at something, to speak a new language or to live a life beyond our current beliefs of what is possible….we begin a journey to new abilities, a transformation from dreams to new realities.  And isn’t it true that often, the strong desires for change come from a place of frustration or disappointment with an absence of abilities?

Proficiency.  Excellence.  Mastery.  All fine qualities to move towards, but in their absence there still remains a lovely space for possibilities.  Try. Fail. Quit, but never give up hope.  Believe!

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