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Good Friday

Traditionally, a solemn day to give thanks for the sacrifice made by Jesus when he died on the cross to “save” us.  When I was young we were taught to also sacrifice something on this day and spend some time giving thanks and meditating on our blessings.  Now that I’m not surrounded by Catholic influences but it had crossed my mind to go to a church and just sit there and smell the incense and marvel at the pretty stained glass windows and towering architecture. 

But instead, I checked my facebook page, my blog comments, my email, I watched the Food Challenge where culinary/pastry artists made huge sculptures out of rice puffed cereal to compete for 10,000.  Then I decided, upon seeing the winner’s check for 10,000 that I deserve to get a cheque of $10,000 made out to me too.  So I’m just going to stay on that vision and I’ve gone on to enter contests from the newspaper.  So far, I’m entered to win tickets to the ballet, to Il Divo, and I entered my brother Jonas in a contest for a golf getaway for 4 which includes a BMW rental.  I’m not an avid golfer but I felt like entering for a chance to feel like a winner so I put his name down.

Now it’s almost 2:00pm and I’m still in my nightie on the laptop at our dining table facing the tv that is showing the food network.  The woman on 30 minute meals is saying ‘worstershire’ in a really annoying way.  I prefer Jamie Oliver and his show on school dinners.  I think it’s really important work he is doing, changing the school meals served in public schools in England.  It was devastatingly tragic to see the children recognize and name corporate fast food symbols more easily than a celery.  It was astounding when one boy in elementary school, after eating freshly cooked chicken and a green salad said, “It’s my first time eating salad.”  It made me wonder about children here in Canada.  Jamie went to a home of one family who were challenged with children who had hyperactive and aggressive behaviour.  Jamie guided their diet with recipes and a grocery list that eliminated fast food, refined and heavily processed food.  The mother looked at the list and she said, “Basil.  I don’t know what that looks like.”  What?!!  The amazing thing is the immediate result on the children’s behaviour. Only 30 minutes into being off the sugar and refined processed food, and the children were noticeably calmer. 

In recent years there seems to be a rise of diagnoses of ADD and ADHD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders).  There must be a connection to what we are feeding our children.  And it’s not just what parents are keeping in the fridge, but what the corporations are permitted to market to sell to children.  In my mind, that’s about being socially responsible for the health of children which, in the long run, will result in far more abundance of wealth than the conventionally narrow definition of “profit”.

So on this Good Friday, I’m not doing so well on the sacrificing of food.  I love food.  So I’m into the practice of loving.  But next week, after eating some cake this weekend, I’ll do a cleanse; wherein, I’ll only be able to eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains and only organic meats – so salt, so sugar, no flour, no dairy….which means, do ice cream.  boo.  But I know my body will love me for it later.  I did my first cleanse last May and I told myself that I’ll aim to do a cleanse every 4 months, with the change of the seasons, because it felt so refreshing.

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