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Running with Scissors

Last night, after packing and loading the car, Christina and I watched Running with Scissors.  What an extraordinary story, and even more so that it was lived by the man who wrote the book upon which the screenplay was written.  The performances are stunning by a stellar cast that includes Annette Benning, Diane Keaton, Gwyneth Paltrow and the gorgeous Joseph Fiennes.  The young actor who played Augusten was also very impressive. 

It was disturbing and hilarious.  My favourite absurd part is when Dr. Burroughs comes out of the washroom shouting, “It’s a miracle, It’s a miracle.” and he takes his entire family to see the configuration of his poo in the toilet which he takes as a sign from God that their luck is about to change.  A fascinating and humourous look at human psychology and how we survive it.  This story is the ultimate statement of ‘who needs fiction when real life is already so strange and funny?’

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