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Website for “LOOB”

Learning Out of Bounds now has an official website.  We are still looking for someone with skills to put up more information; right now it’s just one page of our flyer. 

I really admire Darcy’s energy and calm leadership in assembling all of us together for this day.  For my own table, I would like to share it with other independent consultants who are trained in the methods of Expressive Arts therapies.  The expressive arts are incredibly empowering processes to engage in for children and adults and I’m looking forward to connecting and creating a community of people committed to actualizing and expanding human potential.

Learning Out of Bounds is looking for sponsorship to cover venue and promotional costs, and we are also keen to enlist a few helping hands for the event day.  Volunteering can be done for any portion of the event, including preparation or closing.

What is exciting about this for me are the possibilities that it presents for creating awareness for applying creative arts in schools, community centres, healthcare and businesses. 


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