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12,775 Days Ago

Today is my 35th anniversary being a daughter and sister, niece, cousin, and grand-daughter.  Where I was born is a great distance from where I am now and who I have become and the life I live is very unlike what I imagined as a child.  I’m not a married homemaker living in a house with a yard and four children.  And I believe I am where I am, largely due to family, friends and teachers in my life who imagined me in roles other than a traditional mother and wife; despite the fact that “housewife” was my first occupational preference.

I spent the morning receiving birthday greetings in the form of text messages.  I got a call from my brother and Vicki who recently moved to Toronto.  It was a comfort to hear their voices.  I went for a small brunch at the Empanaderia down the street with a childhood friend of 25 years.  We walked towards the rehearsal venue where I would spend the next 4 hours partially in focused rehearsal mode, but mostly wishing I were outside on my bicycle or swimming in the ocean, or walking a nature trail.  It was touching to receive a gift of fruit from a fellow cast member.

I took myself out for dinner to East is East on W. Broadway.  I had my usual order of stuffed roti with tamarind sauce, chai with almond milk and as a special treat, tried the vegan chocolate pudding.  Sitting at a “sharing table” with two other women who mostly kept to themselves was not as awkward as one might have thought.  I purposefully did not bring a book and tried my best to stay focused on the present moment with the sights, sounds and smells around me.  I resisted reaching into my purse to fiddle with my date book.  It was an exercise of being private in public and savouring each delicious moment.  An uncommon but pleasant moment of celebrating myself in the presence of strangers who were focused on anyone else but me.

The long scenic bicycle ride home was a quiet and refreshing cool down before a few hours of ipod touch orientation.  Thanks Mom and Dad, for raising me and always supporting me over these 35 years, and making sure I don’t fall too far behind with the electronic gadget trends.

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