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One SatURday

September 11th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

6:30 am rise –  I force myself out of bed to make my commitment to volunteer with Klipper’s Organics at the West End Farmer’s Market.  Conveniently, it’s just around the corner from my apartment building.

7:03am – I decide to take some videos of our morning volunteers unloading the trailer full of freshly picked organic delights.

8:05am – Bagging sweet basil and coronation grapes.  On this day, the display of summer harvest was exceptionally beautiful.

9:08am – Shortly after the market’s opening bell rings, I join three women who begin a set of taoist tai chi.  I haven’t practiced since June and that was a great reminder of why I should pick it up again.

11:45am – I board the seabus to North Vancouver and have lunch with my lovely parents.

4:09pm – A neighbour from down the hall visits, tells me that I’ve got anger trapped inside and helps me put up a large heavy mirror.

6:28pm – I arrive at Kitsilano Beach to meet with fellow Siddhartha cast members for sunset yoga.  It was a failed fundraiser but a success for making yoga happen.

7:55pm – As we sit in our long pigeon poses, we say goodbye to the sun that is setting a splash of gorgeous coral across the sky.

8:17pm – I meet my friend Claes of iscleaner.com on granville island.  We discuss the Uplight series concept and next steps to continue.  He tells me about Wreckage….a play under the wharf!

8:43pm- Claes leaves and I eat my packed dinner: eggplant pesto potato soup, a padrone pepper stuffed with feta and tamarind sauce, and sweet melt-in-my-mouth portuguese bread (the likes of which I’ve had only in Kitimat).

9:00pm – I take a seat to watch Wreckage, a bring-your-own-venue with the Fringe Festival.

9:20pm – I’m totally impressed that someone is under the cold, dark water with a flashlight all for a theatrical experience that lives only for that moment.

9:55pm – Sipping a chai latte at the Agro Cafe, open late to serve the Vancouver Fringe Bar.  There I meet a trio of burlesque performers in the small washroom where their costumes seem twice as colourful and dramatic.

10:30pm – I go see Jacques Lalonde’s anniversary show celebrating 25 years of fringe-ing.

11:50pm – Cycle across the scenic route over the Burrard bridge towards home.

11:57pm – From a car full of asian youth, a hostile yell is flung, “You fucking whore,” as it passes me on the hill after Burrard bridge.  They get a stop light.  I pull up next to them.  They don’t see me.  It feels sad.

12:00am- A new day begins.  I’m on my bicycle, just about home.

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