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Pass the Media Pass

September 27th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since September 9th, when we published my first blog/video post for isCleaner’s Uplight series, I have keenly been adapting to being regularly involved with the clean energy sector as a writer and video collector.  That is to say, I write articles and capture videos of people and things I find of interest and inspiration that relate to clean energy.  The series of posts is called Uplight, after the word defined below.  It’s not yet in the dictionary because I just made it up a few weeks ago.

up⋅light [uhp-layht] verb – to illuminate a subject or perception that encourages evolved thinking and action towards sustainable change.

In response to my recent activity someone said, “It sounds like you are having a career change.”  I disagreed.  I’m still very committed to my other artistic practices on stage and in studio.  It’s great to be learning about all the various applications of my artist voice, as I discover them through curious new ventures.

I have a stack of dvd movies I need to watch before they expire and a closet crying out for order, but last night I chose to explore possibilities at the BC Women in Energy Network launch reception.  Never have I imagined that I would be at such an event, or any event wearing a media pass. Like a child who discovers a new ability, I want to do it again, again!

Here is what I thought of it…

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