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Wow, I’m amazed at how fast the time has gone. On the fast track update: I moved to the westside in Vancouver December 1st. to a one bedroom. My first one bedroom! That was tremendously exciting. There was no slowing down though outside of home life, so many of my books and some clothes are still in boxes.

I spent Christmas eve with family in North Vancouver and did an overnight flight to North Bay, Ontario where I was warmly welcomed by Joe and his family. North Bay is a small community about 3 hours north of Toronto by car. There was lots of snow and a street named after me – Janice street!
We spent New Years in a Brazilian Steakhouse where I ate more meat in one sitting than I have eaten all year! And the pineapple roasted on the skewer! Divine! Joe and I had a great evening of dancing, eating, drinking and laughing with Aura and her fiance Adam. We did a fair bit of shopping in Eaton Centre and checked out Kensington Market.

Since then, Joe started a 4 month contract with a graphics company who placed him to run operations in Manhattan, of all places! And I dragged my feet back to Vancouver to continue building my work from where I am. I have tremendous support from Peak Gold for my artistic pursuits. It’s quite refreshing to be affiliated with such a caring and progressive company.

The World Premiere of “Aswang: Journey Into Myth” went very well in Victoria on Thursday, February 7th. Our film played at the same time as ‘The Walker’, and independent film starring Woody Harrelson and it was a rainy night so I thought it was a great turn out with the house 80-85% full. The Q & A went well afterwards and people showed a genuine interest in the subject and were pretty spooked. We’re hoping that it makes it into the Vancouver Fim Festival and the Toronto Film Festival next year.

I’ve started writing a play with the guidance and direction of Lina de Guevara of Puente Theatre. The goal is to have it written by early April and have a run in May, but I’m not making any promises.

In April I’ll be presenting at a conference in Philadelphia and in July I’ll be presenting the same research project to an International Social Sciences conference in Tuscany, Italy! This is the Arts in Medical Education pilot that I designed with a team of researchers at UVic in 2006.

I’ll be working on getting this blog and my website coordinated within the next few weeks. I’ve got a bunch of dates I’ll post for performances and events to come.

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