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Big Green Challenge 2010 – Day 2 (or 29 days left)

August 31st, 2010 No comments

I suddenly feel nervous having started the count. As soon as I begin to apply measurement to my achievements, my awareness of what I’m doing gets magnified and inevitably, I sabotage success. So to take the edge off, I’m going to say that I absolutely grant myself permission to miss a day, miscount or completely cave and have a burger followed by an ice cream sundae.

Today I bought one of my favourite fruits in three different variations: the bright green Italian figs, the deeply purple Turkish figs, and the third has escaped my memory at the moment. In addition to a few pieces of figs, my late afternoon munch consisted of almonds, pistachios and sesame wild rice sticks, all from the bulk section of the Whole Foods Market on Cambie. Yum!

However, I confess an impurity in today’s intake. Just before noon, I was at my brother’s house where the nanny of his children offered me fried rice. I had just mentioned as an update of latest news that I am not eating meat or dairy. There was pizza out and she offered this to me. I explained that I can’t because it has cheese on it. Keeping with the filipino custom or never taking no for an answer when feeding a guest, she offered an alternative, “Do you want fried rice?” as she put out cauliflower and broccoli for me. “Does it have meat in it?” I asked. “Just smoked sausage.” I smiled and so appreciate how the amount of meat can be translated into meaning that a dish has no meat. So I made a choice to eat a small portion of the rice, leaving out the sausage bits. I did this partly because I just really like fried rice and I was hungry, and also because I have a really hard time rejecting food offerings from Filipino women. When I have turned down a food offering in a Filipino home, it’s often been followed by insistence that lasts hours, or criticism of my weight alluding a risk of malnutrition, or guilt elicited simply by the tone of the voice when the reply is, “Oooh Kaay,” paired with averting eyes and an immediate distraction, followed by another offer of some other type of food 5 minutes later.

While I like nuts and beans, the pull to eat familiar foods from childhood is strong!

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