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Pass the Media Pass

September 27th, 2011 No comments

Since September 9th, when we published my first blog/video post for isCleaner’s Uplight series, I have keenly been adapting to being regularly involved with the clean energy sector as a writer and video collector.  That is to say, I write articles and capture videos of people and things I find of interest and inspiration that relate to clean energy.  The series of posts is called Uplight, after the word defined below.  It’s not yet in the dictionary because I just made it up a few weeks ago.

up⋅light [uhp-layht] verb – to illuminate a subject or perception that encourages evolved thinking and action towards sustainable change.

In response to my recent activity someone said, “It sounds like you are having a career change.”  I disagreed.  I’m still very committed to my other artistic practices on stage and in studio.  It’s great to be learning about all the various applications of my artist voice, as I discover them through curious new ventures.

I have a stack of dvd movies I need to watch before they expire and a closet crying out for order, but last night I chose to explore possibilities at the BC Women in Energy Network launch reception.  Never have I imagined that I would be at such an event, or any event wearing a media pass. Like a child who discovers a new ability, I want to do it again, again!

Here is what I thought of it…

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Masculine and Feminine Peacemaking

April 11th, 2011 No comments

Moved by this video manifesto, Dear Woman, I felt compelled to share it and what it brought up for me.

Humility.  Respect.  Appreciation.  I am reminded to respect my own feminine energy, impulses and intuition.  I am one who has strong currents of masculine energy and know very well what unfortunate consequences come from ignoring the wisdom of my feminine.  I am reminded and inspired to commit to honouring my femininity as a woman, despite the judgments of others (especially myself); for intuitive guidance may not come with rational explanations, justifications and orderly plans.  And I continue to appreciate my masculine pulse that moves me outward and onward, seeking to expand Self with new experiences.  So to my masculine and feminine selves I say…

Dear Masculine Self:  Thank you for not giving up when I thought I wouldn’t have the strength to go on.  And thank you for giving up when you did, so that I could stop running away from my truths.  I understand that you want to protect me because you care.  You owe me no proof of your worth so be assured that your energy is grounding, appreciated and essential.

Dear Feminine Self:  Thank you for your patient, nurturing beauty.  Your guidance is effective and important in its gentle and inclusive ways.  I’m sorry that I have often forced you into commitments without consent and failed to respect your beauty.  You inspire me to grow, dream and weave a world of peacemaking miracles.