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Scene + Heard in the Snow

February 25th, 2011 No comments

When I arrived at Vancouver Island’s Swartz Bay Tuesday evening, I was greeted with bone chilling wind and millions of big fluffy snowflakes.  I took the public transit bus into town which takes an hour of meandering through the countryside of Sidney before getting close to Saanich, where I stay when I visit.  By the time I had arrived at the house, the snowflakes were teeny tiny and not nearly as flurious as they were an hour before.  I expected any signs of snow would be gone in the morning.

To my delight, I woke up to find beautiful snow blanketing the tree branches outside the bedroom window, and more was on its way!  I love snow; I think more now than ever, since we rarely get any in Victoria that stays for longer than a few hours.  The rain usually follows quickly and washes it all away.  All my activities were canceled that day due to the snow.   Because I grew up in Kitimat where snow could pile up to 4 feet overnight and we’d still be expected to show up for school on time, I don’t understand this business of canceling and shutting down over a foot of snow.

So it is particularly noteworthy when people show up to attend our dress rehearsal while most would use the weather as an excuse not to.  What a splendid way to spend a cold snowy night; tucked into a comfy chair in a warm dimly lit theatre being wrapped in stories and music.  Join us this Friday night at 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm or Sunday 8pm.  Tickets can be purchased at Lyle’s Place in advance or at the door 30 minutes before show times.  Metro Theatre is on the corner of Johnson and Quadra, next to the Victoria Conservatory of Music.