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In Search of Tao in my Tai Chi

February 14th, 2011 No comments

Last night I attended the Chinese New Year banquet of that was organized by the Taoist Tai Chi club in Vancouver.  Tai Chi-ers were there from across the lower mainland.  We occupied the entire Gain Wah restaurant in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown.  Six platters of different seafood (oysters, crab, lobster, squid), chicken and pork were served before any vegetables.  I think I sat with an empty plate and a sorry little cup of tea for the first hour and a half watching the other eight people feast with regular looks and comments of concern (or other thoughts I could not interpret) for my stomach-in-waiting.

At first I was really disappointed that I was the only vegetarian there because on previous occassions at the club, there were at least 10%  vegetarians and the orders for food were made to meet that demand.  Did all those values and principles go out the window for the sake of observing a Chinese New Year feast?

“How long have you been vegetarian?” one woman asked me.  “Since October,” I said, “about the same time I started Tai Chi.  By the silent response and gaze down, I take it that my fledgling status as either or both were not substantive enough to be taken seriously.  In her senior position (as tai chi student and by age) I bet she was thinking, ‘Why don’t you just eat something?  It’s not going to kill you!’  In fact, that’s what my mom’s says in an effort to get me to eat her cooking with fish or chicken in it.  And it’s true, it wouldn’t kill me on the spot, but nothing about it would feel good.

I enjoy the challenge of refining the moves of Tai Chi and meeting people in the club.  I enjoy the challenge of eating a plant-based diet in a culture addicted to animal products.  And both of these lifestyle choices support each other and me in my constant movement towards optimal health.  Learning about Tai Chi principles and practicing them requires attention, and in a similar manner, so does eating a plant-based diet.

It felt a bit lonely for the first hour and a half being the only one not feasting, but not one moment passed that I wished to join the meat feast.  “You’re demonstrating a lot of discipline, Janice,” another woman said.

I replied, “I started Tai Chi to help me with my discipline, so I guess it’s working.”  In actuality, there was no temptation so it wasn’t much of a demonstration of discipline.

Call me crazy, but to exercise in a practice like Tai Chi and then feast out on loads of animals seems like a sanity I would rather not be.

changes little by little

January 26th, 2011 No comments

In the coming months, I will be changing the look of this website to be a bit more organized so that it reflects more of what is current with me.   I just added a Twitter widget to the Media Gallery page, which is also a new page that had been in draft stage for 2 years. I password protected my resume page because, well, I don’t think it is very interesting unless you are a prospective client, in which case, contact me directly and we’ll talk! Most of my current work details are on my LinkedIn profile anyway. I do not much enjoy people following, adding or linking in to my networking profiles without making an actual personal message to connect.   So if you do add me, link-in or follow my tweets, do say hello with a little introduction.

Off-line, I’m working on developing a regular practice of Tai Chi, taoist style, that was brought to Canada by Master Moy Lin-Shin. It’s amazing how many of the Vancouver branch members have practiced for 15 years or more. And many have triumphant stories of overcoming health conditions such as stroke and chronic back pain simply with a daily practice of Tai Chi. I have joined to see if I can develop a decent level of discipline because I have a tendency to abort my skill development in  activities I enjoy after I reach a certain level of challenge.  It’s definitely been a fun challenge so far and I can see myself practicing well into my old age.  It took me 3 months to learn the first 17 moves and it only takes a week of not doing the sequence to start forgetting things.  Already it has proven to be a practical endeavour, since I was able to demonstrate my physical articulation in an audition for a bandit role in a Sci-fi film on Sunday.

Another new addition to my patchwork of projects is my recent launch as a mineral make-up consultant with Affera Cosmetics.  This weekend we exhibited Affera products at the Victoria Health Show in the beautiful venue of the Victoria Convention Centre for two action packed days.  The last time I spent that much time in that venue, I was dolled up rushing to wait as an extra for the film, White Chicks.  We had prime location in a corner booth where people passed and stopped by on their way in and out of the show.  I look forward to spending more time in Victoria educating and playing with clients at mineral make-up parties and future market events.

Lastly, after neglecting to post any events for 2010, (despite the busy times around the Olypmics!) I have listed my next public performance on the events page.