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Waffles and Tea

June 4th, 2008 No comments

Monday of this week, Yumi had me over for waffles and tea.  She put out all the accessories for dressing our warm fluffy waffles that she made with her handy electric waffle-maker.  “I think everyone should have one of these,” she said with a deep appreciation for her kitchen gadget.  I was very excited about sharing this afternoon snack with Yumi.  It is not often that we are able to take a couple of hours in the middle of a weekday to share in a sweet treat and chatter.

I enjoyed my waffles and tea with Yumi so much that the very next day, I phoned her up and asked to borrow her waffle-maker.  I had the idea that I could make a batch of waffles at home and freeze them for a later date.  This way, I could enjoy homemade Belgian waffles at home too.  So I did just that.  I spent part of tuesday afternoon making waffles, packaging them for the freezer and eating a few too.  This morning, I delighted in taking a waffle out of the fridge, warming it up in the oven and having it with strawberries and bananas for breakfast.  Late last night, I also invited Christina over for a waffles and tea session, since I still have the waffle-maker and enjoy making them so much.  So at 3:00pm today, we took joy in making more waffles, with strawberries and bananas and whipping cream and maple syrup.

While we sat at the table enjoying our waffles, Christina mentions a place in the US that serves chicken and waffles.  I thought that sounded odd.  But I guess I can appreciate savoury and sweet combos.  And then we talked up a vision of an eatery that served only waffles and teas.  I like pancakes and I really enjoy crepes too.  And thanks to Yumi and her waffle-maker, I’ve discovered that I also love waffles and tea!

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